What a journey that has been!

It started off almost exactly a year ago when me and a bunch of mates got together to make a video for a track I’d written for a bit of post-lockdown relief and merriment. 

Before we knew it, we’d enlisted the help of local legend Ninjah, gone viral and ended up playing the resultant song Cop This! at a Cop 26 protest in front of the Welsh Parliament. 

And that was just the first month! 

Cosmo and the Objektors was born. 

Since then, we’ve been off prancing about in front of various street artworks and landmarks in this fair city of Cardiff. Our releases have raised money for refugee support, Ukrainian relief and our local food bank.

Without fail, one track a month has gone out to you, dear listeners, usually with a video to boot. 

And to celebrate a year of this year of frenetic activity, the tracks we have put out so far have been lovingly remixed, scrubbed up and presented together for your aural pleasure – in CD format! 

It will be released on 12th November, when we have a launch party at the 147 Lounge Bar in Cardiff.

BUT – it’s not just that! Every penny of profit from this release until Christmas will split between the following groups:

*Splott Community Volunteers, who run a fantastic breakfast club and provide a cheap bag of food every week to support people in this current crisis and beyond. (They do loads of other great stuff too…!)

*Oasis Cardiff provides a warm Welsh welcome for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Food, cultural events, advice and so much more.

*Climate Justice Coalition Cymru, who are organising, making links and facing down the power for this year’s Cop 27 summit. 

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM – click here. This will REALLY help us get it together in time for the release date. NICE ONE!

So…the tracks will be available for free to stream but if you can chip in and support before the release date, thank you so much.

Objektors crew: Tyga T, Nick P, Steve F and Dave J. Dave also did the filming for this video! Ninjah usually films and directs. 

Harriet did the violin on this track, and Gordon did the djembe. The also helped out with the backing vocals. You may have seen them in the Fiery Jack Family circus. Nice one! 

Thanks to everyone who has helped out and got involved along the way.


And remember – launch party on Saturday November 12th 8pm at the 147 Lounge Bar, Cardiff.

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