Vote Nobody Album Livestream 2/4/21


Hiraeth – the livestream

March 15, 20210

Six years ago, I was reeling from a lot of bad dreams and broken promises. I had a collection of songs that I had been writing and […]


General Election Ranting…

December 2, 20190

(This is basically a composite rant that I sent out around the UK General Election in December 2019) I did something naughty for Labour… …but […]

Ble Mae Ellie Mai?

October 13, 20190

Everyone seems to have a story about Ellie. She was one of those people you could meet only a few times and she’d still make […]

Anti-fascist ranting…

May 25, 20190

My relationship with fascism is lifelong and till now nothing to do with milkshakes. My father came of age in Hungary during the Second World […]

Citizen Smith – Livestream on 7th May, 8pm on my Facebook page!

Abdullah’s Dilemma/These Streets Are Ours