The Sex Pistols’ Jubilee boat trip – but in CAAAARDIFF BAY!

NEW VIDEO! In which Cosmo & the Objektors recreate the legendary Sex Pistols’ Jubilee boat trip in 1977 – but in CAAAARDIFF BAY….

It was very nice of the guys with sub machine guns to step out the way so we could film in front of the Welsh Senedd as well. Cheers, chaps. 

Just another average month out for the Objektors crew – Cosmo, Steve, Tyga T, Nick, Mary and Ninjah who directed us having been away for the last couple. Nice one mate – we missed you!

Also joining us this month were Cynthia, Andrew, Deryn, Dylan, Amelia and Claire – top work, folks, thank you!

Where do you start with it all without stating the bleedin’ obvious?? This is a song about those people who worked the Jubilee in 2012 on workfare (unpaid) in 2012. Now we have #austerity, #partygate, the #CostOfLivingCrisis, #ClassWar, #Windrush…The list is endless. 

“And if you heard we were celebrating, that’s a worldwide lie..”

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