The Privilege Song (SHUT UP!!!)

IT’S OUT! NEW VIDEO! “The Privilege Song (SHUT UP!) by Cosmo and the Objektors….stayed tuned for more action this autumn / winter! #EnoughIsEnough.. Featuring Ninjah on direction. Ojecktors crew: Cosmo, Nat, Steve, Dave, Nick. Thanks to all of you who hopped on and got involved! Nice one, everyone!

Some of you will notice the #MahsaAmini mural in the last Cosmo & the Objektors video. It was painted by Cardiff artist Sahar Saki, originally from Iran. Unfortunately, since we shot the video, her mural has been defaced by racist graffiti.

She has bounced back from this situation, however and has repainted the mural twice with the help of the local community here. In addition, she has organised a mural festival in the city which is happening now. You can see some of the results below.

Please follow her to find out more about her work. Her Instagram is here. As well as Sahar Saki’s art, it has a lot of info that is missing from the mainstream media about the situation in Iran and the protests there at the moment.

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