No Welcome in Dover – new single + vid

NEW VIDEO!! From the 19th – 23rd December, all profits from the sale of this pay-what-you-want digital single of No Welcome In Dover (Fash Not Welcome Here) will go to refugee support projects here in Cardiff. They are a lifeline to refugees here from all over the world, especially at this time of year. Please help if you can. Many thanks! 🙂 This link to donate is here and it includes the song and an exclusive acoustic version as well.

The video was directed by the incredible @Ninjah and features Cosmo, Nick P, Steve F and Tyga T. The amazing mural we played in front of was painted by Sianed Jones and the Arabic translation is by Sahar Saki. Sianed regularly lights up our community with her mural art and you can see more about it here:

Also nice one to our friendly, neighbourhood No State Agents! 😜Many thanks to all involved 🙂

Some Welsh for you:

Mae Cymru yn croesawu ffoaduriaid – Wales welcomes refugees

Does neb yn angyfreithlon – No-one is illegal

You can donate to refugee support by getting the digital single here and naming your price. Nice one!

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