NEW ALBUM – James Nelson Climbs The Column!!!

James Nelson is an 83-year-old anarchist from the streets. Approved schools, prison, homelessness, alcoholism, a partial lobotomy and drug dependency blighted his life, until one day in 1972 he was placed on a mortuary slab presumed dead – but then found to be very much alive!

Since that point, he has overcome his addictions and gone on to be an author and musician. (He’s worked with Adamski and all sorts). He’s also given talks around the world about his experiences to help others, and engages with young people to give them a message of hope and courage. I’m very honoured to be his friend and to help tell his story.

This album is a spoken word / folk-punk journey into his life from despair to recovery and the redemptive nature of people, places and experiences that have made his life what it is today. You’ll find stories, rants, songs and transcendent tales from a unique perspective here within. All proceeds from this pay-what-you-want digital album go to the Open door Project for homeless people in St. Albans. You can find out more about James here:

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