Dr. Folkenstein is here!

Last summer, I found a diary I’d written in the heady days of 1992! Around about that time, I started to write these songs and practise them with various combinations of people.

The songs got lost in the midst of time, but last summer, I decided I was going to take it on myself to record them. (I was aided by the funkiest selection of hammond sounds I ever heard that I found online and downloaded nice one to whoever left them lurking on the Internet!)

It was very therapeutic to lose myself in the whole process of production. For the first time in a while, I was producing tunes that weren’t addressing some social gripe or other. They are just songs for the sake of being songs! Shock horror!

(There are probably one or two people on this page who will recognise them from the first time around.)Anyway, this whole tangent I’ve been off on has helped me through these trying times. I hope it brings a little smile to you too. If not, feel free to take the virtual album out the virtual player and chuck it through the virtual window!!

I’m sure I’ll get back to musically ranting at the state of the world soon, but in the meantime, here’s DR FOLKENSTEIN!

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